BioCyc Testimonials

"BioCyc annotations are a tremendous help to scientists at New England Biolabs. We are very happy to support such a great resource and encourage others to do so."

Rich Roberts
Chief Scientific Officer
New England Biolabs

"BioCyc is the go-to resource of knowledge and tools for Ginkgo scientists."

Ginkgo Bioworks

"Access to BioCyc saves us much time in performing literature searches and information gathering, and the wider scope of information in BioCyc saves time that would otherwise be spent searching multiple databases. BioCyc is much more comprehensive than the comparable free databases."

Dr. Melanie Barnett
Stanford University

"BioCyc is a critical resource for our lab and we choose them over competing resources due to their high level of curation and accuracy. The software tools we often use are SmartTables, enrichment analysis and pathway painter."

Dr. Amy Cain
Macquarie University

"We compared a wide range of similar databases (e.g., KEGG, Ingenuity Pathway Analysis, Pathway Studio, Reactome) and found BioCyc to be far more comprehensive than any other comparable resource. BioCyc is extremely valuable for interpreting metabolomic data. We’ve never found an inaccurate result."

Philip L. Lorenzi, Ph.D.
MD Anderson Cancer Center

"BioCyc is an important resource for both my laboratory research and teaching. In teaching, I use BioCyc to introduce metabolic pathways. I also show them the extensive annotations that in my mind are more useful in learning metabolism than any textbook on biochemistry. We always go to BioCyc to help us to understand our data, especially using tools to show all possible reactions leading to or from an experimentally measured metabolite."

Arthur S. Edison, Professor
University of Georgia

"I have used extensively the metabolic pathways detailed in MetaCyc in order to find accurate candidates for mutant traits, especially those concerning seed quality components such as tocopherols and glucosinolates in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) and Ethiopian mustard (Brassica carinata A. Braun), respectively."

Dr.Begona Pérez-Vich
Institute for Sustainable Agriculture

"We use BioCyc to obtain sequence information so that we can design primers to amplify essential genes from various bacterial species. During the course of my career, I have consistently returned to BioCyc again and again. It is not an exaggeration to say that my research and scholarly activity depend on my ability to access and use BioCyc's tremendously well-maintained databases and useful tools."

Paul Sims, Associate Professor
Univeristy of Oklahoma

"BioCyc provides intuitive access to sequence information and operon structure. BioCyc SmartTables allow facile extraction of large datasets (e.g. DNA sequence of all essential genes) and comparison between different strains of the organisms we study. BioCyc support has been rapid, and the BioCyc team has been quite responsive to requests for improvements."

David Weiss, Professor and Chair
University of Iowa

"Over the last two decades, Peter and his crew have assembled, curated and developed the BioCyc "toolkit" to the point where work on these organisms (especially E. coli) would likely grind to a halt for several months if the resource were to shut down. This resource is used by tens of thousands of researchers across the world each year, and is surely invaluable to the community."

Dr.Martin Welch
University of Cambridge

"We see immense value in using highly curated and reliable metabolic pathways with which to chart microbial community metabolism and regularly use and cite both MetaCyc and BioCyc."

Aria Hahn, Ph.D
CEO, Koonkie Inc.

"Your tools are invaluable for properly contextualizing metabolomics data, retaining the data in an easy to read format while placing it next to its connected metabolites in a pathway."

Matthew E. Merritt, Associate Professor
University of Florida

"A series of databases that provide extremely useful metabolism information and other tools for researchers like myself to build stories and publish papers. Personally, I have become a microbial metabolism lover thanks to EcoCyc, BioCyc and MetaCyc. They make metabolism easy to understand, and they have beautiful schematics of metabolic pathways."

Cristina Howard-Varona
Research Scientist, Sullivan Laboratory, OS

"The educational importance of the MetaCyc database cannot be overestimated. Asking the student to choose a compound, trace its metabolic involvements, the genes involved and possible control features, with a few pointers and discussion sessions has been invaluable to their understanding and critical development."

Keith Tipton, Professor
Trinity College Dublin

"We use BioCyc and MetaCyc extensively to investigate the metabolic and regulatory processes of organisms we study."

William Cannon, Team Lead
Computational Biology
Pacific Northwest National Lab

"My lab uses these resources on a daily basis."

Patricia Kiley
Professor and Chair
Dep't. of Biomolecular Chemistry
University of Wisconsin

"HumanCyc has been an indispensable tool in my research on metabolic reprogramming in cancer"

Ying Xu, Professor
Southern University of Science and Technology

"We use the BioCyc Genome Browser to study organization of operons involved in proteolysis, substrate uptake, and outer membrane protein secretion. "

J. Christopher Fenno
University of Michigan School of Dentistry

"We find the site informative and easy to use, and it is typically our first stop for information."

Dr. Chittibabu Guda
University of Nebraska Medical Center.

"BioCyc has become a crucial tool, due to its focus in integrating scientific information, thereby providing a coherent picture of biological function."

Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo, Professor
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

"I use BioCyc in teaching of Biochemistry and related subjects. BioCyc is a generous legacy to the world ́s scientific, technological and academic community by SRI International."

Mauro M. Martínez-Pacheco, Professor
Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo

"The user-friendliness and interactive nature of the database have made obtaining relevant information for our research less stressful and more efficient."

Ezelkiel Adebiyi, Professor
Covenant Bioinformatics Research, Nigeria

"We rely on BioCyc's Gene Pages and Overview Diagrams almost daily."

Arkady Khodursky
University of Minnesota

"BioCyc is embedded in the Compound Discoverer software and we regularly utilize BioCyc for metabolomics data analysis."

Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Ph.D.
Maimi Integrative Metabolomics Research Center

"I am not aware of any other resource providing the same broadness and depth of metabolic information. In particular, the atom mapping information available in MetaCyc forms the fundamental basis for the biological SIRM data interpretation we perform routinely in my lab."

Bart Ghesquière, Professor
KU Leuven

"I use MetaCyc for understanding metabolic pathways of interest, how these could be targeted and how cancer cells could rewire to escape therapeutic intervention. I find the information provided by BioCyc and MetaCyc to be highly accurate, significantly increasing the efficiency of our lab. I particularly like functionalities such as overlay of multi-omics data using a very easy and flexible interface that accepts a variety of identifiers, which is preferable to competing resources (i.e., KEGG) which are very rigid on data formatting."

Olivier Pardo, Ph.D
Imperial College

"We make extensive use of the BioCyc full metabolic network diagram for omics data analysis."

Timothy J. Donohue, Director
Great Lakes Bioenergy

"MetaCyc is critical to our research in synthetic biology, and constitutes the first source we consult when engineering metabolism and developing metabolic models. The gene annotation in these databases is the best in the field and remains unmatched by other resources."

Hector Garcia Martin, Ph.D.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

"BsubCyc is a tool of the utmost value."

Paul Babitzke,
Prof. of Biochemistry
Penn State

"We have experimented with various similar database systems and have found that MetaCyc and BioCyc contain rich and high-quality metabolic information in terms of reliability, documentation and programmatic access, with contents manually curated over a very long period of time by competent scientists. The powerful queries that can be formulated are superb and clearly superior compared to other systems."

Christos A. Ouzounis, Professor

"We find BioCyc to be an excellent resource of information. It is comprehensive, constantly updated with the new information gained in the field and thus highly reliable."

Hanah Margalit, Ph.D
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

"My laboratory uses BioCyc resources frequently to answer fundamental questions about how Gram-negative bacteria build and maintain their cell envelope. Without this essential resource it would be very impossible to find all important information about genes of interest within seconds."

Manuel Banzhaf
Newcastle University Bioscience Institute, UK

"I have not found another database that has a better interface than BioCyc."

Gary B. Huffnagle, Professor
Microbiology and Immunology
University of Michigan

"There is no other comparable resource and our work would be severely restricted if BioCyc were not available."

Dr.Ronald Chalmers
Medical School of Nottingham